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I’m a painter and illustrator currently living in Los Angeles, California. I have produced several large-scale murals across the US, and also produce a wide range of work for a variety of clients such as Uniqlo, Samsung, HP, Paramount, and more. I’m currently sponsored by art suppliers such as Liquitex, Holbein, and Trekell Art Supplies, and have been featured by LADBible, Bored Panda, Create Magazine, Juxtapoz, and more in 2022 and 2023.


My personal art style is defined by technique in application and dynamic color, and is blocky, pixellated, and bright. My work usually represents animals, human features, or objects up close, broken down into interpretations of light and color. My paintings are designed to exist carefully between mechanical and fluid, representational and abstracted.


The subjects I choose to paint provide me with an opportunity to find unique ways to present things that are more or less familiar. I like exploring visual concepts of wetness, softness, and hardness without being too caught up in realism-- using somewhat relatable subject matter, such as animals or human features, gives me more freedom to play with technique.


Though I'm originally from Ohio, I currently live and create in Highland Park, CA. I've got a rescue rabbit that lives in my studio and watches me paint, and my time outside of work is spent cooking, tending my succulent garden, and exploring the city. 

Available for commissioned work and show opportunities.


Thanks! Message sent.

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